These documentary styled paintings are all done with the assistance of those portrayed coordinating their own photo shoots and celebrating their vocations or hobbies. Together we work on how the portrait should be handled. Each participant writes his or her own biography and ends it with a positive note for all of us to ponder and live by!  Please view the entire collection at:

Ricky Preserving Liberty
Ayer, Massachusetts ~ 2021
Oil on Canvas
30" x 24"

Ricky was diagnosed with NF1 at just six weeks old. When he was a child he was a poster child for the then Massachusetts Chapter of the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation. While his symptoms aren’t as obvious as others he has had his struggles too. He spent years in speech, occupational, and physical therapy to help with speech and motor issues. While in high school some of his motor issues were obvious while he was running track, most runners look nice and graceful, Ricky however looked to lumber as he ran.

After high school, Ricky attended Westfield State College in Massachusetts and got a major in both history & political science. While in college Ricky started to be more accepting of his NF and started doing public speaking raising awareness for the disorder. After college Ricky joined his mother as a member of the Boston Gala Committee eventually serving as a co-chair which then led to him joining the Volunteer Leadership Council of the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Outside of NF activities Ricky is happily married and is a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Massachusetts Wing having served in many positions ranging from Squadron which is a local unit to Region which oversees multiple states. He’s earned his Master Rating in Aerospace Education and Safety. He is also a member of the Knights Columbus where he has been a Faithful Navigator, Grand Knight, and District Deputy. He has also served as Color Corps Commander overseeing important ceremonial activities in the Knights of Columbus.
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