These documentary styled paintings are all done with the assistance of those portrayed coordinating their own photo shoots and celebrating their vocations or hobbies. Together we work on how the portrait should be handled. Each participant writes his or her own biography and ends it with a positive note for all of us to ponder and live by!  Please view the entire collection at:

Mike Fixing the Truck
Cheyenne, Wyoming ~ 2019
Oil on Canvas
30" x 24"

Michael Williams was born in July of 1987 in Tyler Texas. When he was born he had the classic cafe au lait spots but very few dermal tumors. At the age of 2.5 Michael was initially diagnosed with NF1 which was later confirmed by specialists in Houston Texas. His was a case of NF being due to a spontaneous gene mutation as no one else in his family has it. Michael struggled in school with making friends and with certain academic classes. He graduated high school from Gladewater, Texas in 2006.

In 2012 he married the love of his life who saw past his NF and encouraged him to start his own advocacy. Several years ago, Michael had several dermal tumors on his chest removed and is thankful that he has not had to have any other NF related surgeries. In 2017 Michael and his honorary sister Amber who has a son with NF hosted a donation based bake sale with all proceeds going to the Children's Tumor Foundation raising over $5000. In 2018, Michael and his family moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming where they currently reside and plan to continue raising awareness and hosting charity events to benefit NF and support families affected by it. They tried to participate in the 2019 Cupid's Undie Run and fundraised for it, but unfortunately Michael's truck broke down enroute making this painting even more relevant!
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